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What I Wish Everyone Knew About Sunglass Cases

Posted by Adam Webb on
Sunglass Cases

Sunglasses always protect us from the harmful rays of the sun. But what about their protection? A glasses case can decide the life of your glasses. They come in numerous fabrics, textures, and colours, having a large variety of patterns and mixtures. But choosing the right sunglass case can be hectic and tiring as you don't know many features of your glass. So here we are, sharing some best points and tips to know before you get a case for yourself.

First, you need to know that not all cases suit all glasses. Particular glasses cases work with special glasses, and you cannot fit anything into every case. If you try to put your glasses into another case; then your glasses may suffer. 

Water Resistant and rigid cases

Glasses look gorgeous when they are new, but they start losing their shine with time. And if you don't want your glasses to be one of those, then when you go to purchase a glass case, keep in mind to ask for a water-resistant one. Shopkeepers always tell you about it, but in case they don't, just ask them if it is water-resistant or not. A water-resistant sunglass case will give your glasses a long life and minor damage from water. Also, the sunglass case has a lining cover to protect the glasses from scratches, and always try to go for a rigid plastic glasses frame so that your glasses are safe.

Cleaning cloth

Many people use toilet paper to clean their glasses lens which is not healthy for glasses. They can blur them, lower their quality, and affect them in thousands of different ways. Some sunglass cases also come with a small soft cloth to clean the glasses. These clothes are essential as they help you instantly clean your glasses and protect against further damage. Ask your shopkeeper about the cloth, and they will tell you the range, benefits, and uses of the case that comes with the cloth in more detail.


If you wear the glasses regularly, you also want a strap to attach them to your belt. And can regularly use it and that too with flexibility. Also, if you are a sports player, you will need straps so that you don't damage your glasses when playing your chosen sport.

Straps can also prevent your glasses from regular minor damages that we ignore, but these small damages can damage your glass on a significant level. We often end up misplacing, which can worsen when we find them in not so good places or conditions. The strap will also prevent this problem and keep your glasses under your eyes.

Clip closure

Many of us are tired to keep and carry around  those old-style sunglass case with us. It looks pretty odd to carry them out, and especially when we go to any function, we would not want to match our stylish outfits with the old-style glasses case. So now, many cases come with a clip closure that makes them look much more fashionable. Ask your shopkeeper to know more features of this type of glass case. 

But you may find the clip on glasses case at a higher rate compared to the standard case, but they are worth it because they don't mess with your outfit like the normal ones.


We often find a sunglass case that is fashionable but doesn't serve our purpose. And many times, we see a glasses case that serves our purpose but is not as trendy. In such a case, choose the glasses case that fits your purpose and style because that's the most important thing. Many shops don't have many varieties of sunglass cases, so you will find only these generic boring cases that you see on a day to day basis. It's better that you don't be dependent on one shop only to choose your glasses case. Feel free to visit 2-3 shops before choosing the glasses for yourself.

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