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20 X smaller than your average case

• Slim and simple to use

• One size fits all lens sizes

• Variety of colours to suit your style

• Designed for everyone who wears glasses or sunglasses


Absolutely LOVE IT! So easy to use, and carry around. I have them attached to my keys so I ma never left without lens protection

I bought a pair for my son and I, he is 11 and uses them daily for school. I keep mine in my gym bag and use them when i train. Super effective

I actually bought five pairs in different colours. A different pari for every occasion. I use them every day and can't see myself changing

Lens protection in every case

Designed for the smallest of bags

Slim, sleek and at last light weight, we've got your glasses covered

Magnatised to latch onto lenses of all sizes

Flip these over your frames for protection from everyday scuffs


Vegan leather

No animals were used for this product


Fits into any pocket or bag with ease


Cheaper than a crappy date;)

Protect your lenses no matter where you put them

2mm thick on each side

Slip into your pocket, slide into your bag

Sleek enough to clip anywhere

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The most comfortable, convenient eyewear case ever.

How cool?

Clip on to your jeans, shirt pocket or belt for ultimate comfort.

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